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Hearts To Heaven Pet Crematorium

Hearts To Heaven

Pet Crematorium

"Your pets final journey handled with love and dignity" Trevor Dixon

Covering Newcastle upon Tyne, North East, Northumberland and all surrounding areas

Arrange A Cremation

At times like this there is no right or wrong way it’s purely personal preference. You may find it helpful to read the information below before you get in touch with us.

Trevor Dixon

Our service is by appointment only – we ask politely that you don’t arrive with your pet unannounced as there may be another cremation in progress or other families saying goodbye to their beloved pet.

Please begin by calling us on 07359 076 343 where we will discuss the necessary arrangements- if we are unable to answer immediately we aim to call back within 30 minutes.

We will agree during your phone call a time for your pet's cremation and we'll take the initial details of your pet. Unfortunately, due to some instances of non-payment for our services, we do ask for payment in advance; this may be by Bank transfer or cash.

All domestic pets are welcomed, great or small, from a Great Dane to a pet mouse.

Upon arrival you may of course carry your pet into the pet crematorium or assistance can be provided, at which point your pet will be placed on our altar in our goodbye room, or we do have seating where you can simply hold your pet whilst you say goodbye. 

Once we have noted your wishes on a short form, you will be left alone in private with your pet. There is no set time, take as long as you need to, as we want you to feel ready to leave your pet with us.

If you prefer not to use the goodbye room and just want to simply leave your pet in our hands that's absolutely fine.

Specific questions will be asked so that we understand your wishes. These are as follows:

Do you wish to have a hair clipping?

Does your animal have any implants that you would like us to try to recover? (This is not guaranteed and depends upon the size of the implant and the material it is made from.) It is not possible to recover Microchips.

Would you like a paw print either in ink/clay or both?

We do have gentle music playing in our goodbye room. You may also request a specific piece of music to be played once your pets cremation begins, which we will play on your behalf.

We will also ask how you wish for your pet to be returned to you, either in a scatter tube, casket or urn. There are items on display in the goodbye room for you to choose from before you leave. The standard return method which is included in the cremation price is a scatter tube or bamboo envelope. Alternatively with pre planned appointments you may bring along a casket or urn of your own.

We will agree a specific date and time for when you may collect your pet's ashes along with any paw prints, hair clippings and implants as per your wishes. We can deliver your pet's ashes back to you which is a separate service and detailed in our price list. We endeavour to return your pet's ashes the same day if this is your wish. This is subject to your pet's cremation time and will be agreed with you on the day.

The Cremation Service time can vary from 3 hours upwards.If you have travelled any distance to be with us there are local facilities in the nearby town of Morpeth. We don't have any waiting areas on site.

We guarantee that each pet brought to the Hearts To Heaven Pet Crematorium is cremated individually. We only ever perform one cremation each time.

If you'd like us to enclose a condolence card when your pet is returned to you, you may tell us the names of the people you'd like written on the card.

Hearts To Heaven Pet Crematorium is located on a working farm so your pet will be cremated surrounded by farm animals and countryside. (There may, at times, be some noise from farm equipment which we hope you understand is to be expected.)

If you have these details to hand when you contact us it will help and you may have questions that you'd like to ask us?

View the cost of our services [ here ] or from the Menu. Please call us if there is something you're not sure of.

Hearts To Heaven Pet Crematorium
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